Bali Killing 123

We urge the Indonesian Government to STOP the illegal slaughter of Sea Turtles!

Sea turtles on Bali are once more in danger of being butchered. You can help prevent it. Once again we ask for your support. We have managed to put a stop to this slaughter before. But now the 'turtle mafia' on Bali is at it again !!
There were reasons to be proud. After an then years battle against the Turtle Mafia, we seem to have won the war!!
Sadly, the issue is now rising its ugly head again. In January 2013, local newspapers reported that the illegal turtle trade had returned to it's old sheme, which has also been confirmed by their local animal and environment protection organisations. These proves that the protection offered in Bali is totally insufficient and that the police are not pursuing violations against Act No 7/1999, which prohibits the killing of and dealing with sea turtles, and against the CITES regulations that prohibits the trade of turtle products.

The killing of these magnificent creatures is a GRUESOME, BARBARIC process!
The turtle's plastron is sliced and ripped open, the internal organs are being removed, blood is scooped out, and the head cut off. During this entire massacre, the poor turtle is alive and struggling in pain!See video (Warning: VERY GRAPHIC): http://www

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Thanks for your support
Kurt Amsler