Sea turtle confiscation by Bali Marine Police and release at Kuta-Beach by PRO-FAUNA.
At November 17th the Marine Police of Balihas / Bali confiscated 87 alive green se turtle in the region of Karangasem which is aprox. 9 miles from Kubu beach. The Boat named KM Cahaya Rahmat from WAKATOBI in South East Sulawesi, which is a National Park !!!!! The Police arrested the boat captain named Habong, 39 years old .The PRO-FAUNA Team Bali and the Head of the Bali Police, released 80 from the total 87 Sea turtles the following day back to the ocean on Kuta-Beach by the help of hundreds of Tourists.Two Sea turtles died, two where kept for trial evident and three had to be threatened, because they where to weak to be release .It is evident that this Sea turtles where stolen at the WAKATOBI National Perk !!!! Already two years ago SOS-SEATURTLES and PRO-FAUNA did serious investigations about his problem ! 

The Sea turtles and Bali Island.
Bali Island is famous for the international tourism destinations with picturesque landscapes and beautiful beaches, including the Kuta Beach which becomes one of the nesting sites of the ancient and endangered marine animal, sea turtle. ProFauna Indonesia has been working for the protection of sea turtles starting from relocating the eggs to release the hatchings to the sea as well as campaigning against the illegal wildlife trade.

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Especially for the field project with the nesting sea turtles on Kuta Beach, there have been 92 egg clutches, consisting of 8,725 eggs, found and relocated to ProFauna's hatchery facilities. 57 sea turtle mothers have been flipper-tagged and 7,810 hatchlings or sea turtle babies have been released to the sea. The interesting facts are that 9 nesting mothers came on the beach with recovery tags, one of which nested and laid eggs for three times for this season. Previously, ProFauna recorded that a mother would come twice at the most, to nest and lay eggs in a season. A mother also breaks the record for laying the most eggs which is 177 from 160. Compared to 2009, the number of the relocated eggs and released hatchlings increases 56%. ProFauna's another project site is located at Tegal Besar Beach, which is 30 kilometers from Kuta Beach. This year, there have been 1,858 eggs relocated and 1,600 hatchlings released, 60% increase from 2009. For the third time, ProFauna with security guards of Kuta Beach (locally known as Satgas Pantai Kuta, the local community whom ProFauna works with on the field project), joined the parade of Kuta Carnival, a commemoration of Bali Bombing victims in 2001, on 3rd October 2010. In the parade, the team put a giant sea turtle statue on the top of truck and a banner saying "Save The Sea Turtle" on the left side of the truck.

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Marine Police Patrol confiscated Turtle Boat in East Lombok. 29 October 2011
On the 29 Oktober, the Marinepolice Patrol at Ketangga village waters (East Lombok) found one boat with turtles hiden on the bay which covered by mangrove vegetation. Marine Police of Lombok island captured 39 green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas) wants to be smuggled to Bali. One of the five arested fishermans with told the police they captured the turtle around Maci Bay on Empang district of Sumbawa regency. On Friday 31 October, marine police release 36 of them on Senggigi beach - Lombok (3 were dead because of dehydration).

Marine Police confiscated 7 alive green turtle, May 31.2012
Based on information received from villagers, Marine Police confiscated 7 alive green turtle (Chelonia mydas) at Kedonganan Beach Badung region, Bali. The confiscation was held on 31 May between 2 am – 3 am. The sea turtles arived from East Java brought by small fisherman boats. From that case Marine Police of Bali arrested 2 men, I Made Dharmawan and I Made Darsana. Marine Police contacted ProFauna for witnessing the confiscated turtles. 6 from 7 sea turtles ware released to the sea on 10am at Kuta Beach. Marine Police, Kuta beach community, ProFauna and tourist were involved in the release.

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„Bumbu Bali" Restaurant and his team saves large Leatherback Turtle
By Heinz von Holzen; During our daily visits to the fish market in Jimbaran we witnessed once again the brutal capture of an ancient leatherback turtle that was caught a few hours earlier around the cliffs of Uluwatu. Fortunately for the turtle their flesh is regarded as not very tasty and most likely for this fact we were able to purchase the turtle from the fisherman.

Bali Action Leatherback Turtle Rescue- 0005

We then had to wait for a few hours for the tide to rise before we were able to release, by then the totally exhausted lonely wanderer of the deep back to his very endangered and fragile home. It took not less than 10 of our stronger employees to carry this pour creature back to the ocean. It was for me personally the first time to be face to face with a Leatherback turtle. Looking into the eyes that must have been a 10th of the size of a human eye together with the sad look of the turtle with streams of tears running down the face made me suddenly realize what we humans have made to planet earth during our very short visit. At the same time I realized that over the passed 10 years since we are actively involved in protecting sea turtles here in Bali we actually have made a significant contributed in a dramatic slow down of the turtle trade. With this in mind I would encourage everyone to assist nature to make certain that our children will have the same chance as we still have in living and experiencing our magnificent planet in its fullest beauty.

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Manifestation by PRO-FAUNA Members in Denpasar City / Bali.
Members of the PRO-FAUNA Bali Branch demonstrate against the Turtle Trade in Balis Capital Denpasar. The Manifestations attracts thousands of People and foreign Tourists as well. All Medias and TV were presents on the spot. Troubles of Turtle Traders from Tanjung Benoa, as in the past, did not occur !!



Bali Marine Police jagt Schildkrötenfänger
Wir können von Erfolg sprechen. Bereits fanden über 5 Polizeiaktionen gegen Schildkrötenfänger und Händler statt. Ein „grosser Fisch" ging der Polizei im Oktober 2006 ins Netz! Dank einem Hinweis von einem  (bezahlten) Mittelsmann, konnten unsrer ProFauna Aktivisten, zusammen mit der Polizei 179 Schildkröten vor einem qualvollen Tod retten.Das Boot welches mit ihrer lebenden Fracht von Südsulawesi zurückkam wurde bereits von der Polizei erwartet, beschlagnahmt und die Mannschaft ins Gefängnis gesteckt. Leider waren drei Schildkröten, die über einem Monat im Schiffsrumpf ohne Nahrung und Wasser gestapelt waren, bereits tot. Alle andern waren in guter Verfassung und wurden an der Kuta-Beach von vielen Freiwilligen, Touristen und unter Polizeiaufsicht freigelassen.


Der Anlass wurde auch sogleich dazu benutzt, eine Manifestation zum Schutze der Bali Seaturtles zu veranstalten, hier galt es nicht nur die Touristen, sondern vor allem auch die einheimische Bevölkerung aufzuklären. Anders als bei früheren Manifestationen, blieben übergriffe der Turtle-Mafia aus Tanjung-Benoa aus !! Was wiederum zeigt, dass die ProFauna Aktivisten immer mehr an Boden gewinnen!!

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Marine-Police confiscated vessel  with Turtles !
Early morning Marine Police of Bali confiscated a vessel named of Isna Jaya on Badung strait, that had 7 alive Green Turtles (Chelonia mydas) on board. Captain of the Boat confessed that the turtles were captured from Muncar, Banyuwangi ,East Java and would be transported to Tanjung Benoa Bali. Six from 7 of turtles are released at Kuta Beach, one turtle was kept for evidence after tagged all the animals by BKSDA Bali (Local Forestry Dept.) The release of this turtles attracted tourists and local community at Kuta Beach. The event was widely reported by the medias.

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Confiscation of two green turtles (Chelonia Mydas) in Kerobokan, Badung
ProFauna Indonesia received information from community that there were live turtles found in a house in Kerobokan area.This news was followed up by investigation team of ProFauna to gather more information. Further action was taken with co-ordination with BKSDA (Local Forestry Dept.) Bali for law enforcement regarding this. Officers from BKSDA Bali, Police Department, supported by ProFauna visited a food stall that served Bali special dishes of turtle meat. There the team found two live green turtles (Chelonia mydas) kept by I Made Sunarta, in his place in Gede area, Kerobokan, North Kuta, Badung Regency.The two turtles were females, were of 106 cm CCL (CCL=Curved Carapace Length) and 84 cm CCL were tagged and released in Kuta beach with support of Kuta Beach Security Guard (Satgas Pantai Kuta), Kuta villagers and tourists.

Marine Police seized turtle smuggling boat
Bali 24. February, 2006 Bali by PROFAUNA Office BaliMarine Police in Bali successfully seized a boat loaded with 158 sea turtles yesterday (Wednesday, 22 February 2006) at 17.30 local time in Sanur beach, approximately 5 mill from Marine Police station in Sanur. The police acted on information provided by fisherman who reported had witnessed a boat carrying green turtles (Chelonia mydas) that was passing by and heading to the island. The turtles were suspected would be smuggled to another country. The captain of Karya Mandiri was Hayat (51 yrs) originally from Sapeken Sumenep, Madura assisted by three crew members. Head of Bali Office Department, Irjen Pol. Drs. Soenarko Danu Ardanto who attended the seize personally instructed to process the case against the current regulation and save the turtles by releasing them back to the wild. The boat was taken to Benoa Port for further examination. The turtles from Karya Mandiri were unloaded from the boat, they had to go trough examination process under legal law before released back to sea. The turtles were measured and tagged by BKSDA Bali (Forestry Dept.). 3 turtles died during the smuggling trial and 2 were kept for evidence. The rest of the turtles were finally released in Kuta Beach by Head of Bali Police Department and other police officers including Director of Bali Marine Police, Agus Sutikno, BKSDA Bali, ProFauna Indonesia, representatives of Kuta Villagers and tourists who were on holiday in Kuta. The release invited a big attraction for foreign tourists in Kuta who enthusiastically helped unloading the turtles from the vehicle and released them.We like to say thank you to the Head of Bali Police Department for the hard work of saving the turtles !!!!

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Sea Turtele Eggs Poaching in Sangalaki Increases by 120 Percent
Illegal poaching of sea turtle egss in Sangalaki Island, Berau regency, East Borneo, Indonesia increases by more than 120% compared to 2013. Records of the Natural Resource Conservation Agency of Berau mentions that in 2013 there were 5 poaching cases, while in 2014 there were 11 cases or 120% more than the previous year. 2014 also witness an upsurge in the number of pillaged sea turtle nest. If in 2013 there were 28 pillaged nests, in 2014 the number swelled by 253% into 99 nests.

This trend is worrysome, as the number of nesting sea turtles is also decreasing. In 2013, the average number of nesting sea turtle was 15 per night, whereas in 2014 the number averaged only 11 sea turtles per night. According to observations conducted by Protection of Forest & Fauna (PROFAUNA) Indonesia, the trade of sea turtle eggs is still rampant in East Borneo. The illicit practice can be found in Bontang, Samarinda, and Tanjung Redeb. The eggs are sold for IDR 6,000-12,500 each.The coordinator of PROFAUNA Borneo, Bayu Sandi, said "All species of sea turtles and their eggs are protected by the law, thus the trade is a violation." The law no.5 of 1990 Concerning the Conservation of Living Natural resources and Its Ecosystem mentions that poachers and traders of protected wildlife species and its body parts are liable to 5 years of prison and IDR 100 million fines. PROFAUNA encourages a better protection of Sangalaki Island, and more serious efforts to curb eggs poaching and trade in East Borneo. The Natural Resource Conservation Agency has been working hard on this, but it must be supported by other parties as well -  stated Bayu Sandi.

Greenturtle laying eggs Image 13

Sangalaki Island which is inhabited by sea turtles, is also a well-known tourism site. The Natural Resource Conservation Agency of Berau noted that there were 1,482 tourists came to Sangalaki, mostly from East Borneo and Jakarta.

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